Our new racing circuit, known as Whitstone, is now up and running and is a real pleasure to race on.  It goes together in many different ways using from just two panels to the twelve we are currently using, but it can be reduced, or extended even more by adding further panels.  Later on we plan to produce panels so other clubs and individuals can build their own tracks.

The design includes many different types of curves and lengths of straight making it challenging for experts, yet fairly easy to learn for beginners.

The track is made from 18mm moisture-resistant MDF with four CNC routed slots and a rebate either side for plated copper braid.  Average lap length is 29,5m or 98ft.  Distance between lanes is 90mm.  The slot width is 4mm and the depth is 8,2mm.  The track surface is painted with Leyland Garage Floor paint, providing a smooth surface with good level of grip.  As there is no bridge the lap length varies from lane to lane.  However, as each driver races on all four lanes, this equalises up.

Race control is computerised using Trackmate hardware and software.  Timing is to 1/1000th of a second.

Our rally track, known as Castellano, is a single lane running through beautiful Italian countryside with villages, a mountain, a viaduct and many other features.  It measures 30m from start to finish and presents a challenge to any slot racer.

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