Regulations for LMP/GT

These rules have been adopted from the Four Lane Black Top (FLBT) at Marlborough, a club with which we are closely connected.  They are subject to change without notice so please check back regularly.  We feel this class is sufficiently open to allow slot car builders to race a wide range of cars.

Any GT or LMP (Le Mans Prototype) car that has raced at an FIA endurance event from 1993 to present. 
Any car from the manufacturers: Arrow, Avant, Black Arrow, Cartrix, Fly, MB, MRRC, Mr Slotcar, Ninco, NSR, Racer, Scalextric, Scale-Auto, SCX,, Sloter, Slotting Plus and Spirit.  Cars from other manufacturers may be used under the discretion of race control.  Please ask!

  • Chassis must be manufactured to match the body.

  • Chassis may be strengthened.

  • Chassis may be trimmed to aid body rock.

  • Chassis and motor pod must be plastic material.

  • 3D printed plastic chassis may be used.


  • Motors and Motor Pods are free choice.

  • Motors must remain sealed and unmodified.

  • Cars may use any motor/drivetrain configuration.

  • Any part of the car may be upgraded/changed. This includes interiors, gears, axles, hubs and bearings from any manufacturer listed above.


  • Cars must be painted, and cars should have a ‘race’ colour scheme, either real or fictional, and must include three race numbers.

  • Cars should have an interior and driver which can be seen from outside the car.

  • Cars must have clear window glass fitted where it appears on the real car.

  • No part of the motor, chassis, gears or tyres shall be visible when viewed through the windscreen or windows.

  • The guide blade must not be visible when viewed from above.

  • Bodies may be run loose, but must use all mounting screws. Weight may be added, but none removed from the body. 


  • Wheel inserts, where fitted, may be removed.

  • Maximum rear axle width of 65mm.

  • Tyres may be glued and trued.

  • Tyres are free choice but must not be made from silicon, or include silicon in their construction. Cars must have all wheels present, and must touch the track. Tyres may not project beyond body when car is at rest on level track.

  • Tyre additives may be used, but tyres must be dry to the touch before racing, and leave no residue on the track. FLBT does not encourage the use of additives on tyres.

  • All parts must be from a commercially available source, and open to all. Home-made and one off components should not be used.



If you have any questions please ask a club official.

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